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 何もないよりマシ | better than nothing, 2023. Mixed media. Art Spot Korin, Kyoto, Japan.


Photo credit: Masahiro Kawanaka @masa_kawanaka; Frankie Chow


Gallery 1 - Infinity series

Temple fortune slip おみくじ tied on nail at entrance to welcome good luck.

Infinity 1 & 2

Traditional Japanese textile crafts - wrapping and knot-tying.

Miscellaneous fabric scraps of same design reunited through knots.

Buddhist Infinity knot - life cycle, interconnectedness, and causality.

Impermanence of relationships and mental/social instability (knots connect but can be untied).

Fall apart and collapse, balance and unravel when provoked.

Infinity 3 & 4


Secondhand obi and kimono

Causality (cause and effect). Potential; violence.

Wearable textiles in relation to human body and physical and psychological danger.