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Frankie Chow is an Australian-born Hong Kong artist based in Sydney. Reflecting on creative process and psychology, Chow's practice explores notions of memory, introspection, Aesthetics, and liminal space with experimental and site-specific projects using video, ink, and installation.

Chow holds Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours (First Class) from Sydney College of Arts and was the recipient of the University of Sydney Honours Scholarship. They have been a finalist for the China Residencies Locality/Reality Residency Grant and the Pro Hart Outback Art Prize of Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.

Chow has participated in various artist residencies and solo and group exhibitions across Australian and international galleries - Art Spot Korin, 2023; Articulate Space, 2021; ShangYuan Modern Art Museum, 2019; Untitled Space, 2019; CICA Museum, 2019; Gaffa Gallery, 2019, and Galerie Pompom 2016.

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